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Android Muffins | February 28, 2017

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Android Muffins

Free Android special Advance and basic training

April 26, 2012 |


We all are aware of the graphic of android penetration in the mobile market. So people love to learn new things about android. There is a so android tanning online , but they charge for it.

Free Android special Advance and basic training

Free android training by officials


Now here is chance of new and advance user to take training.  Now official android developer is starting brand new classes online which will help you to what is android and fundamental of android. Read More

Android Google Drive (Cloud Storage)

April 25, 2012 |

Google Drive is finally out for android user, Galaxy S3 user also can download Google Drive from the Google Play. So those who do not know about Google Drive.

Android Google Drive (Cloud Storage)

Google Drive complete introduction

It is basically a Could storage device which will give you 5GB cloud storage capacity, this is quite similar to the cloud, but the difference is you can share files , document , music and whatever you want. You do not need to attach big files in email, just gave you friend a Google drive link.

Google Drive packages

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Exclusive Galaxy S3 Wallpaper

April 24, 2012 |

Exclusive Galaxy S3 Wallpaper

As we all know that, Samsung is going to launch Samsung Galaxy s3 soon. So people are crazy about the latest feature of Samsung s3. One of the best feature galaxy s3 have is HD display, so today I am giving you the HD wallpaper for the Samsung S3, please do comment on it about lines. And you can give me suggestions of what type of wallpaper you want. Read More

Event App of Samsung mobile UNPACKED galaxy s3

April 23, 2012 |

Hey guys as you can notice that this is my first post on this topic. In future I will provide you the latest information about the android phone and feature. So come back to the topic as we all know that Now a gays everyone is so much excited about Samsung Galaxy s3 launch.


Samsung Galaxy S3 Release

So today we came to know about that Samsung launch the new app for this event named “samsung mobile UNPACKED galaxy s3” , yeah if you go to the Google Play their you will find a new app which ill give you the latest detail of that event .It will provide you the keynote of that event
Samsung mobile UNPACKED galaxy s3

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