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Android Muffins | February 28, 2017

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Android USB Drivers for Windows and OS Download

Haroon Aejaz

Download all Android devices USB drivers for windows and OS, this post is especially for my loyal developer who always request me to find an appropriate driver for their device

• These drive may help you in doing
Adb and Fastboot driver setup
• Accessing mobile storage in a PC
• Transferring media from computer to mobile

So without wasting anymore time download it from here


SamsungDownload Samsung USB Drivers or Download Samsung KIES (comes with driver)

SonyDownload Sony USB Drivers for Android device

HTCDownload HTC USB Drivers (HTC Sync)

LGDownload LG USB Drivers

MotorolaDownload Motorola USB Drivers (Motorola Device Manager)

ASUSDownload ASUS USB Drivers or Download ASUS PC Suite (comes with driver)

HuaweiDownload HiSuite (drivers included)

ZTEDownload ZTE USB Drivers

AcerDownload Acer USB Drivers

ALCATEL ONE TOUCHDownload Alcatel One Touch Drivers

DellDownload Dell USB Drivers

FoxconnDownload Foxconn USB Drivers

FujitsoDownload Fujitso USB Drivers

Garmin-AsusDownload Garmin-Asus USB Drivers

HisenseDownload Hisense USB Drivers

IntelDownload Intel USB Drivers

KT TechDownload KT Tech USB Drivers

KyoceraDownload Kyocera USB Drivers

LenevoDownload Lenevo USB Drivers

PantechDownload Pantech USB Drivers

PegatronDownload Pegatron USB Drivers

SharpDownload Sharp USB Drivers

SK TelesysDownload SK Telesys USB Drivers

TeleepochDownload Teleepoch USB Drivers

Yulong CoolpadDownload Yulong Coolpad USB Drivers